Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reading and writing scorecard for January, 2013

I don't plan on doing monthly scorecards, but after reading and reviewing far more than expected in January it seemed worth an update. As of January 31, 2013, here's where things stand.

Progress towards goal: 9 books of 52 in just over 4 weeks
Books obtained: 3 (none previously read)
Books read: 9 (8 first reads, 1 re-read)
Short reviews written: 9
Long reviews written: 9
Net change to unread shelf: down 6

At the beginning of the year there were fifteen books on the intended list, of which ten were unread and in-house, four intended for purchase, and one a likely re-read already in-house. By end of January five of the ten in-house were read, two of the four intended for purchase had been both bought and read, and the intended re-read was still on the list.

Blog posts: a bit over 5100 words including these.

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