Friday, March 01, 2013

Future book: "The Streisand Effect and Me" by Ken Matherne

One of my favorite blogs, Popehat, has been threatened with a lawsuit by a Mr. Ken Matherne of the Global Wildlife Center. Well, maybe it's a threat of suit. There are threats in there and a mention of lawyers, but it's hard to separate the threats of legal action from the threats of harassment from the simply incoherent rantings. I read the threatening letters a couple of times, but familiarity quickly bred contempt, and that's going to be the judge's perogative. Don't expect me to explain it to you, just read it and enjoy the spectacle.

In any case, I have two words for Mr. Matherne: Streisand Effect. His conduct has already pushed Popehat's old article on him, The Zookeeper Is Very Fond of Dumb, up to the #2 on Google. That's up several places today. He keeps ranting, Popehat keeps publishing. Going for #1, eh Mr. Matherne? Certainly you're a lot more famous today than you were yesterday, and it'll no doubt get better. Too bad about what you're going to be famous for.

If Matherne actually files, I predict this will ultimately wind up as an article at Lowering The Bar with a title like "Motion Denied On Grounds of Incomprehensibility."

As a Special Bonus Factoid, I also learned a new phrase: murum aries attigit. Taken literally, it means "the ram has touched the wall," but see the link for explanation. It sounds ever so much more dignified than "Game on, a**hole."

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